Code …

… submissions

Please make all your pull requests against the main branch (this is the default branch). No other pull requests will be accepted.

Please ensure all tests pass by running the tests and ideally R CMD check. On systems with GNU Make, you can use the rules make test and make check for this (run make without arguments for a complete list of build rules).

All new functions, also unexported ones, must be documented (documentation for unexported functions must contain the @keywords internal Roxygen tag).

… style

  • Generally try to be consistent with the prevailing style in this project.
  • Don’t use dots (.) in names, except for S3 dispatch; use underscore (_) to separate words.
  • Don’t "string-quote" names; when using invalid names, use `backtick quotes` instead.
  • Use = assignments, not <-.
  • R code filenames must end in lower-case .r.

… of conduct

This project expects all contributors to follow the standards laid down by the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.