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Modules can declare functions to be called when a module is first loaded.






the module namespace environment


Any return values of the hook functions are ignored.


To create module hooks, modules should define a function with the specified name and signature. Module hooks should not be exported.

When .on_load is called, the unlocked module namespace environment is passed to it via its parameter ns. This means that code in .on_load is permitted to modify the namespace by adding names to, replacing names in, or removing names from the namespace.

.on_unload is called when modules are unloaded. The (locked) module namespace is passed as an argument. It is primarily useful to clean up resources used by the module. Note that, as for packages, .on_unload is not necessarily called when R is shut down.

Legacy modules cannot use hooks. To use hooks, the module needs to contain an export specification (if the module should not export any names, specify an explicit, empty export list via box::export().


The API for hook functions is still subject to change. In particular, there might in the future be a way to subscribe to module events of other modules and packages, equivalently to R package userhooks.